Special Needs Fitness

Certified Fitness for Special Needs 

295 Rt. 22 East. Ste 102 | PO Box 951 | Whitehouse Station, NJ 08889

We are committed to offering the opportunity to enjoy customized fitness programs that lead to good health to those with special needs who sometimes fall through the cracks in the world of conventional fitness.

                                                                         — Janet Rollero

We are dedicated to meeting the fitness needs of every ‘body’ and every mind. We believe there is a powerful link between the fitness of one’s body and the health of one’s mind.

                                                                     — Lynn Aloff


We will meet you where you are…

We design customized fitness programs for children and adults of all ages with special challenges such as a developmental disabilities that may include: Autism, ADHD, sensory processing disorders, and Downs Syndrome, and medical conditions such as Diabetes, high blood pressure, Scoliosis, MS, Stroke victims and Spina Bifida.

No Matter When You Begin…We Can Help!

Someone with a de-conditioned body will not want to travel or go to public places for fear that they have to walk too far or because they may need assistance using public restroom facilities.

When the body is not strong and flexible, especially as people age, they are likely to find that they cannot reach up into the top cabinets in the kitchen or easily get in and out of a car.

Eventually the individual becomes limited even further because climbing stairs becomes difficult and could restrict one to living on the ground floor.

Without daily physical activity, with each passing year, the human body becomes increasingly limited and the quality of life diminishes.

But no matter what shape you are in or how long you have been inactive, we will do our best to meet you where you are – with care, compassion and a sense of exuberance about fitness and utilizing our bodies regardless of individual limitations or challenges.

We will take you where you want to go!

Instead of giving into a lifestyle of inactivity, we believe that the right kind of fitness program encourages proper nutrition and healthy habits, fostering a strong mind-body-spirit connection.

We believe that everyone enjoys improved health and a sense of well-being with daily exercise and fitness training carefully and thoughtfully designed to address individual challenges.

Our Fitness Programs

Our fitness programs include aerobic exercises to develop and maintain a healthy and strong heart, and increase lung capacity; stretching exercises to maintain flexibility; and weight training to strengthen the muscles with the goal of achieving and maintaining core stabilization.

Most importantly we are committed to improving and maintaining ‘functional fitness’ that helps individuals with daily functional living skills and promotes positive social interaction.

Our aerobics training includes: Zumba and other popular dance-exercise programs. We encourage a healthy level of flexibility through yoga, pilates and a range of basic stretching exercises.

Our weight training includes working with free weights, exercise machines, stability balls, water aerobics/gait training and more.

Enjoy Classes at Our Studio or Your Location

You can arrange to attend classes at our studio in Whitehouse Station or we can create programs for groups located anywhere in the Somerset or Hunterdon County area.

You Can Rely Upon Our Knowledgeable and Experienced Staff

Janet Rollero, Proprietor/Fitness Trainer, Healthy U Fitness Training

Janet Rollero established Healthy U Fitness in 1992 and has more than 20 years of fitness experience. She is certified through many organizations including: The American Council on Exercise, The Arthritis Foundation, WaterArt Fitness International, The American Red Cross and many more.

Ms. Rollero is a Master Trainer who has educated and certified new instructors for WaterArt Fitness International since 2004.

Lynn Aloff, Group Fitness Instructor

Lynn Aloff is a group fitness instructor with 35 years experience working with children and young adults with special needs in the education field. She earned a Master’s Degree in Education from Rutgers University.

She is also a certified WaterArt Fitness International instructor who teaches senior fitness, and is CPR certified.

Our Philosophy

We are passionate about offering fitness training to every one and every ‘body’ no matter what the limitations or challenges.

We view our work as a community service and we want to encourage the social aspect of participating in a fitness facility that encourages functional fitness.

We are excited about bringing fitness to everyone who can participate because we feel it creates a sense of connection and self-respect for those with special challenges because they are able to enjoy a sense of accomplishment as they become stronger and more flexible in their exercise routine.  Vibrant health is possible for everybody. It all begins by taking that first step.


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